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She Update! Beverley Does Broadway… Mexico… and a UK Tour

We are She Productions, all-female company in residence at the East Riding Theatre. You might have seen a few of our shows last year; we wrote and performed 6 original productions in 2017 alone! This year, we have taken a slightly different approach, we’ve taken the gas off the creating-new-material pedal and have decided to revisit some of our past favourites, starting with Beverley Does Broadway: The Reboundthis June.

Beverley Does Broadway was the first show we wrote as She Productions and we are thrilled to be able to revive it with a new cast and creative team. Fleur Stevenson, of Fleur Elizabeth Academy of Dance, joins us as choreographer and Wicked London’s Paul Frankish, takes an onstage role of Musical Director.

Now, although we can definitely promise some show-stopping tunes, delicious harmonies, and jazz hands, this production isn’t just your ordinary musical theatre revue show. Aspects of Love have been distracting our cast members and Folliesof their own have them preoccupied, but hopefully nothing a few of Broadway belters can’t fix, right?

Meanwhile, as Beverley Does Broadway rehearsals are in full swing, we are also preparing for our first international premiere at the Festival Internacional de Cabaret in Mexico City, this August. Mariana Barberá, Beverley- based Mexican actor, is hard at work re-writing MissCast, which she devised and performed with She last year, and translating it into Spanish- yes, you heard it, we are not only taking the show overseas but performing it in another language! MissCast considers the rejections, rejoicing and regrets of an actor surrounded by an industry based on physical appearance, race, and gender. The show was born from our own altercations with the acting industry and addresses these concerns on true satirical fashion.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, we are delighted to announce that we are taking our original hit musical It’s Different for Girlson a Northern tour this Autumn. The show is inspired by the UK’s first girl-band, Hull-born Mandy & The Girlfriends. On first hearing their story 3 years ago, we instantly knew that this was the start of something special. These wonder-women, who’ve supported us every step of the way, shared their music, talent and ‘girl power’ over 50 years ago. Talking of ‘girl power’, even Geri Halliwell found herself in Beverley last September, wondering what all the fuss was about. As ‘The Girlfriends’ took to the East Riding Theatre stage with Geri and the BBC One Show, we watched from the audience with true admiration for these women who blazed the trail for the likes of the Spice Girls, without even knowing they were doing it.

We couldn’t be prouder to say we have grown from the same grassroots as ‘The Girlfriends’ and although this year is our chance to share our stories worldwide, we will be waving the Hull & East Riding flag high, because there really is no place like home.

Beverley Does Broadway: The Rebound runs from 14th-23rdJune at East Riding Theatre, tickets £10-14 at call 01482 874050.

It’s Different for Girls UK Tour will run through October and November. Keep updated on where and when at


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