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I am delighted to share the exciting news of three remarkable individuals joining our Board of Trustees: Kate Roberts, Gemma Addison, and Liz Everingham.

Kate Roberts: Leadership Expertise

We are thrilled to introduce Kate Roberts, an outstanding Leadership and Talent Development expert, and the current President of the Beverley WI. Her dedication to supporting women and integrating theatrical techniques into learning programmes will undoubtedly elevate our impact on stage and within the local community.

Gemma Addison: HR Professional with a Passion for Theatre

Gemma Addison, a Senior HR Advisor at Groupe Atlantic, seamlessly blends HR expertise with a profound love for theatre. With a decade of experience as the Theatre Administrator at Hull Truck Theatre, Gemma brings a wealth of understanding of the industry's dynamics. Gemma's strategic approach to human resources, honed through years of navigating the complexities of a theatrical setting, ensures a synergy between our creative endeavours and organisational objectives.

Liz Everingham: Dedicated Educator with a Love for Drama

Welcoming Liz Everingham, a dedicated primary school teacher, SENCO and Assistant Principal, whose lifelong love for drama aligns seamlessly with our mission. With a wealth of experience in running after-school drama clubs, Liz brings a valuable dimension to our work with local children and young people. Her commitment to nurturing artistic expression in education complements our goals, ensuring a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

Let's also take a moment to celebrate our current Trustees who have been with She Productions since the company became a registered charity in 2020…

Maisie Reynolds: Occupational Therapist and Passionate Supporter

Maisie Reynolds, an Occupational Therapist, continues to bring passion for palliative care and creative pursuits, providing unwavering support.

Sheenagh Rollison: Healthcare Enthusiast and Theatre Lover

A retired midwife, Sheenagh Rollison infuses energy and passion from her healthcare background into our Board, contributing to the success of She Productions.

Hannah Smith-Levy: Chair of the Board

As the Chair of the Board, my commitment to empowering women in the arts remains unwavering. I eagerly look forward to supporting our talented Board members as we collectively embark on the next chapter of She Productions.

With the addition of our new Trustees and the dedication of our ongoing contributors, let us collectively look ahead to the future of She Productions, with a special nod to celebrating 10 years in 2025! Anticipate a future filled with Empowerment, Engagement, and Inspiration.

Hannah Smith-Levy

Chair of the Board of Trustees


*If you would like to get involved and find out more about becoming a Trustee, Contributor, Volunteer or Supporter of She Productions please get in touch.



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