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My First Professional Job!

Beverley Does Broadway 2023, Photography by Sara Kruger

My name is Laura, recently I had my first professional job as Stage Manager

and Lighting Operator for Beverley does Broadway 2023!

I have always been passionate about theatre and have wanted to work in the

arts ever since I was little. I’ve done all of the classes and tried almost every

type of theatre you can imagine, and I loved all of it, but I remember always

wondering about what went on backstage in a theatre and what the people in

all black were actually doing behind those curtains.

In 2019 I attended East Riding Theatre’s Technical Theatre Summer School and

instantly fell in love with Stage Management. After the pandemic I wanted to

get more experience backstage, so I started volunteering backstage at ERT. I

got to do all sorts; make props, paint a stage, help build sets, design lighting

and sound, and how to make a good cup of coffee.

Fast Forward to this year and I got an email from She Productions asking if I

would be interested in being the Stage Manager for Beverley does Broadway

and I jumped at the chance! I remember being so happy. I was so excited that

my best friend had to suffer quite a few messages in all capital letters telling

her how excited I was.

The week before rehearsals started, I was slightly nervous. I was worried that I

didn’t know enough or have enough experience and I wouldn’t be able to do

the job properly, but as soon as I stepped into that rehearsal room, all my

anxieties went away. This show was a space where I felt safe and encouraged

and that’s because of all of the brilliant women who made this show possible.

This show was particularly special because I have known Annie and Alice (two

of She’s founding members) since I was 10 years old. It has been incredible to

have these two women as inspiration for me. I remember watching them

perform in shows and thinking about how I wanted to have their bravery and

confidence to throw themselves into everything they do.

Now I’m 17 and not only have I gained the confidence and bravery to throw

myself into what I do but I get to do it with them!

As a young woman in the industry, it can be hard to take charge and use your

authority especially as Stage Management and Tech in general can be a very

male dominated space. It can feel like you’re not allowed to make mistakes or

like you need to know everything before you’ve even started.

That’s why this job was so important for me, it was a space where I was free to

make mistakes without any judgement and the cast were incredible to work

with. Working in a female dominated space is something you don’t come

across often, especially in tech, so working with She Productions was such a

nice breath of fresh air.

The creative team on Beverley does Broadway became a little family and I am

so grateful to have all the fantastic women in this show a part of my life.

I am so thankful for this experience and hope to have many more with She


Written by Laura Grey



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