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Consent and Relationships

In collaboration with Hull Rape Crisis and Natalie Harris, sexual

violence support worker and supported by Arts Council England

Empower _ Consent .jpg

Challenging our understanding of the meaning of ‘Consent’, raising awareness and exploring these complex issues through drama.

Led by professional actors, all with teaching experience, we use drama skills, case studies and interactive activities to further explore these topics. 

The workshops are accessible to all and can be adapted accordingly to participants' abilities and needs. Digital workshop ‘toolkits’ are provided to participants post-workshop which allows them to access materials used in the workshops, further information and guidance on where to seek professional advice.


We have delivered these workshops to 17 schools and groups across the North, working with a mixture of groups from targeted vulnerable students, Pupil Premium students, Young Carers’ and gendered groups.


“I think the topic is extremely important and I’ll be encouraging other schools to take up future opportunities”

Lucy Chapman, Woldgate College


“Absolutely excellent experience, really thought-provoking”

Anna Fox, Tyneside Young Carers’ Centre

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