The StorytEllas

12th-22nd August 2020 at East Riding Theatre


Written by Jessica Duffield & Annie Kirkman
Devised by She Productions
The StorytEllas is generously supported by Arts Council England and Recognition Express.


Once upon a story, on a bookshelf up high,
In a cluster of words, in the dot of an ‘i’;
Many fairy-tales fused as their pages combined,
Bringing three girls together; their fates intertwined.
But why they are here, and what they should do
Is the mystery to solve, and they need help from you…

Once upon a time 3 self(ie)-obsessed girls are plunged through the pages of your favourite fairy-tales. They soon discover the confusion that awaits them: scrambled stories; happy endings misplaced; and their own identities, truly unrecognizable. They are… The StorytEllas… but will they have what it takes to find their way home?


Join She Productions in patching up the pages of this familiarly unfamiliar story. Its original songs are bound to have you singing along, whilst the spellbinding script will have you laughing out loud whatever your age!