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After a premiere at East Riding Theatre in 2017, She productions embarked on their first International to el Festival Internacional de Cabaret, in Mexico City, where they performed the Spanish!!


In which other industry could you reject someone because of their physical appearance?


In which other industry could you employ or not employ someone because of their ethnicity?

In which other industry could you pay someone less because of their gender?

As an actor, no matter how hard you try, there is always one role (or two, or five…or more) that you know you will never get! Surrounded by an industry based on physical appearance, race, and gender, She Productions considers the rejections, the rejoicing and regrets of an actor and turn typecasting on its head. 

MissCast uses music, dance and comedy to hold a mirror up to a 21stcentury world where everyone is expected to tick all the boxes. 



Audiences on MissCast:

"Hilarious doesn't describe this show enough!!!
Fantastic, brilliant, amazing, outstanding, superb."


"A great fun evening we all laughed so much, well done She Productions!"

Spanish Translation:


Inmersas en una industria basada en la apariencia física, etnicidad y roles de género, She Productions analiza el rechazo, regocijo y la vergüenza del actor y cuestiona los estereotipos del casting. Qué otra industria te rechaza por tu apariencia física; te contrata o no según tu etnicidad; o te paga menos según tu género? Quizá estos cuestionamientos nos tocan de cerca a todos, actores o no. Música y sátira ponen un espejo ante el mundo del siglo 21 en el que se somete a cada individuo al mismo tratamiento.

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