The Three Kingdoms

Let us take you on a journey to a land that’s faraway, where anything is possible, where dreams will be fulfilled.

Let us enter The Three Kingdoms, in a sugar-coated carriage; No desire will be denied as what you want you’ll always get. But just be warned to think it through; a wish forever stays with you. Be careful what you wish for...

“A talented ensemble cast sing, dance, tap, joke and emote their way through a fun and witty tale that will appeal to audiences young and old.”
Hull Daily Mail

"The show was funny, magical, original, vivid and varied.”
East Riding Mums

“The Three Kingdoms is an eclectic mix of entertainment filled with surprises and which takes the best elements from slapstick, circus and pantomime.”
Yorkshire Times

Written by Jessica Duffield & Annie Kirkman
Composed by Rachel Barnes
Produced by Ellie Claughton
Technical Direction by Simon Bedwell
Costume by Tiffany Wilkinson

Narrator: Alice Rose Palmer
King Kirk Ella: Alice Gold
Umbar Ella: Jessica Duffield
Acap Ella: Rachel Barnes
Salmon Ella: Annie Kirkman
Lemon Ella: Hannah Levy