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Hello! We are Amy & Joney - best buddies for over 25 years and we have created 100% natural, plant-powered herbal tea infusions designed

especially for women.

Each tea has been carefully blended, focusing on hormonal balance, to suit the female body & mind. All the ingredients lend a helping hand to clear away toxins, re-balance the body, re-balance hormone production, calm symptoms (whether that's puberty hormones or menopause!) and calm the mindset.

We wanted to create a tea line that was an experience and make it fun (tea can be SO serious!) and tea that ANY girl or woman could enjoy, whilst also tasting great and giving you all the health benefits too!  


We believed there was a better way, a natural way and a kinder way to help the female body. Created for the busy, modern woman who wants to improve monthly symptoms, have less stress, hormonal support, more energy and a brighter mood. We decided to focus on hormonal balance, regularity & symptom relief as that is the best starting block. 

Everything else will click into place once you have stripped it all back. Most women don't know where to start, they may notice that their body or mood is changing, but they are unsure why or how to fix it. and you can't 'fix' it, there is no magic cure, its just the female body is very complex and each one of us is so different. However herbs are a natural option and can be very effective. We haven't re-invented the wheel here, herbs have been used for centuries, we have just brought the benefits back into the light.  

We have a wonderful community & following, so come & join our club?





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