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I am a local artist selling original paintings, glassware, collages, T-shirts, bags, accessories and ceramics! My love of the arts and creating them is

something that has always been part of my make up, since qualifying and practising as an architect I have for a long time wanted to migrate towards creating artisan pieces. Regardless whether I am painting onto a large canvas, printing onto a piece of glass, T-shirt or making pottery before firing the clay and glazing, the creative process for me is just the same albeit onto a different substrate using various materials. I set up my business ’The Artists Measure’ from a small inheritance from my grandparents who sadly passed away. I didn’t want to use the money to pay for bills or for a few weekly supermarket visits; I wanted something to grow in their memory. My online store is thankfully doing well with fabulous reviews; I ensure that every product posted is of the highest quality, beautifully presented, and dispatched as soon as possible. My customers are the most important part to me as they dictate the success and future possibilities of ’The Artists Measure’.

Artisan glassware

TShirts & accessories

Original artwork

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