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The Lightless Pumpkin & The Lightless Pumpkin Returns


Written by Jessica Duffield

In a vegetable patch,
In a nearby town
Lives a little Lightless Pumpkin
Who turned his frown upside down.
He ran away in tears
‘Cause he hadn’t found his light,

But thanks to his new friends he learnt 

Being ‘different’ is alright!


The Lightless Pumpkin is back and he needs your help! After realising that not every pumpkin needs to become a Halloween lantern because we are all unique, it is his turn to teach his neighbours to welcome diversity and difference, when a pair of French snails threaten life in the vegetable patch...

Wands at the ready for the next installment from our favourite veggie!!

The production begins in the East Riding Theatre cafe bar and travels to Beverley Library (100m from the theatre) and back again. The cast and theatre staff will lead the audience in a short procession on an accessible route. 

Written by Jessica Duffield & Annie Kirkman

In a vegetable patch,
In a nearby town
Lives a little Lightless Pumpkin
With a permanent frown.
He sobs all day
And he wails all night
For he can’t understand why he hasn’t found his light.

The audience will be led down Humber Street by the BanSHEs. This eccentric group of mysterious fairies will enchant you with a terrific tale about The Lightless Pumpkin who has run away from the pumpkin patch because he doesn’t fit in.


Dust off your magic wands, adorn your ghostliest garments and join us for a magical musical Halloween!

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