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my Nu Things

My name is Alex, I am a graphic designer from Hull and the founder of My NU Things, a business specialising in printing and design. I started off


Fashionable T-Shirts




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creating personalised T-shirts and bag designs as well as making them to coincide with my master's year creative project at university in 2017. I designed the brand, as well as the designs featured on top of creating a website and promotional videos which I regrettably didn't have the confidence to continue after I had graduated. 

Through lockdown, I have been inspired by like-minded creatives to begin making again and began an Etsy page. I extended my range to include print design, pop-culture themed ranges and the new 2020 must-have accessory - face masks! I have enjoyed the last few weeks of making new products for customers. 

My goals for the rest of the year are to continue to expand and invest in new technologies in order to be able to create a wider range of products.

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