Gina allen

These paintings are two different thoughts about the same view. 

Time and Change I grew from a painting I made from a photograph taken on the Dorset coastline a couple of years ago.  But this time I wanted to paint what was happening in the view. This time I wanted to address the way that if you look at one thing in such an expansive view and then look away, when you look back you never see the same view again.  


Because I ditched the photos to start Time and Change I, I had to reconstruct the view in my head.   So it became really obvious that I remembered the view in compartments.  Apart from the different sections of land, there was also different bits of sky, different bits of weather happening at the same time, different bits of sea, water moving towards different parts of the land, behaving in different ways at the same time.  But the thing is, when you look at one part of a view, you don’t know what is happening in another part, so what you remember as ‘the view’ is something that never really existed.   

So in Time and Change II, I constructed the view in compartments to recreate that sensation of only being able to engage with one section at a time.  But that highlighted a time-scale issue.  Noticeable changes in the weather were happening from moment to moment, changes to the land were happening over months and years.  So rather than combine two completely incompatible time-scales, the cliffs became block background, and the experience of movement of weather and sea became the subject.   

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