growing up I had low self esteem and 0 confidence, since being involved in this I've told myself I can do this and meeting new is amazimg


Amazing cabaret evening- incredible talent. Thanks She Productions!

Louise Parr

Attended the first Shevening of SheFest Digital. Great show with a nice mix of acts, streamed perfectly!

Best wishes for the rest of the events x

Keith Fish

Great start...well done everyone xxx

Emma Garness

Watched the first A Shevening - A Night of Virtual Cabaret it was brilliant, very well produced and great variety,

Christine Henshaw

First SheEvening was hugely professional and well planned showcasing live and prerecorded artists via digital platform. Well done

Sue Kirkman

#2 really great and different experience to view art in the virtual gallery. Super work with all the artists. Overall wonderfully creative.

Dave Garness

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