Esther Cawley

I have always favoured making mostly large-scale, figurative paintings, but the events of Covid-19 led to a shift in both scale and subject matter.  I found some small wooden discs and panels which I had previously bought, but not quite known what I should do with them.  They attracted me because of their shape and small scale. 


Conscious of Covid-related restrictions, I started looking at photographs I had taken of nearby landscapes and coastal spots; how I associated those places with escapism and feelings of calm and relaxation. 


I felt that the scale of these new paintings reflected the little ‘glimpse’ we were allowed each day while taking exercise.  This hour became an important part of people’s days. 

It occurred to me that by making these small landscapes, I could forget about what might or might not be happening in the world outside.  It satisfied me also to be painting places which made me feel calm; a sort of antidote to what was being channelled into our homes through the daily news. 


As lockdown is easing, I am beginning to crave larger canvases to work on.  Perhaps as a reflection of this; more likely an urge to get my big paintbrushes out and get messy again! 

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