Top Tip Number 6
Stocking filler ideas, part 2 ...
Make a weekend 'fun-times' jar:
Find a glass jar then write lots of fun activities on different pieces of paper, fold them up, pop them in, and you're away!
This is brilliant for parents and children alike. The kids will love the excitement of picking something out the jar knowing that whatever they pick they are going to enjoy some fun time with you. And for you it's an opportunity to forget the chores, switch your phone off (we're all guilty of it!), and give yourself permission to enjoy some fun quality time together with your family.
(e.g. bake a cake, go swimming, build a model village, paint a picture, go to the park, make your own play-dough, play a giant game of hide-and-seek, enjoy a family movie night on the sofa with popcorn)

This also is a great idea during half-term holidays to keep the kids engaged and entertained.

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