Top Tip Number 5

'Someone once told me I looked like a salt-shaker ... I took it as a condiment.'

Guys we need to talk about salt!
We often think about limiting salt intake in our meals. But what if we've been missing out on some of the natural eco-friendly benefits of salt for our health?

You may not know it, but here in Beverley we have our very own Salt Therapy Room. 

Salt therapy is said to be a natural remedy that has countless benefits ...

  • easing arthritis

  • reducing asthma symptoms

  • improving sleep

  • reducing stress

  • increasing energy levels

  • helping with skin flareups like eczema and psoriasis 

But don't just take our word for it. Head over to our Instagram stories today to hear all about it from Clare Atkinson who runs Salt Revive down at Mill Lane in Beverley. 

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