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Black & Beech was founded by Irish designer and entrepreneur, Stacey Grant-Canham in the Autumn of 2016. In the last number of years, Stacey

has built a brand that isn’t just known for its design-led product offering but also its commitment to raising awareness of key social issues. 


Feeling disempowered by the Brexit vote and the election of Trump but galvanised by the Repeal movement back in her native Ireland, Stacey designed her iconic “A Mother’s Place Is In The Resistance” tee. A percentage of profits were donated to the Abortion Support Network, a charity helping women requiring abortion care and the overwhelmingly positive reaction to this led Stacey to realise business, in this day and age, can and should be about more than selling product.


Since then, Black & Beech has developed its product offering to include t-shirts, sweaters, tote bags, art prints, keyrings and jewellery and will continue to expand throughout 2020. It’s a bold brand with a whip-smart ethos offering quality, design-led products that do what they can to make a statement, make a change and help those in need. Stacey is committed to working with ethical suppliers and taking into account the impact on people in the supply chain and the environment. Many of the factories she uses offset their carbon footprint and  use organic cotton. All are independently verified to be sweatshop free.


The brand has so far donated over £7,000 to charities supporting women’s rights, abortion rights and political campaigns such as the Together for Yes campaign in Ireland.


Black & Beech isn’t a company paying lipservice to feminism, women’s rights and the politically downtrodden; it’s a company striving every day to implement practical ways to make the world a better place.


Fashionable clothing

Feminist merch

Jewellery & accessories

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