It’s Different For Girls

Devised by the Company. Directed by Becky Hope-Palmer

The Girlfriends are stamping their go-go boots all over Hull’s music scene.

1965. Holderness Road. Betzi, Mitzi, Poppet and Vicki are bored of this town. So, when they see an advert in the paper for a new girl band they can’t believe their luck. Only problem is, they can’t play any instruments. So, what do they do? Grab a pair of drumsticks and hit the garage.

It’s Different For Girls is a brand new musical inspired by Hull’s own 1960s girl band, Mandy & The Girlfriends, following five young women as they burst onto the Hull music scene and head off on tour. But for these teenagers, will fame be all it’s cracked up to be?

It’s Different For Girls performed at East Riding Theatre in September 2017, and was funded by Arts Council England.

Sindy: Annie Kirkman
Betsy: Abey Bradbury
Mitzi: Sophie Coward
Poppet: Alice Rose Palmer
Vicki: Rachel Barnes

Director: Becky Hope-Palmer
Musical Director: Rachel Barnes
Musical Supervisor: Paul Frankish
Choreographer: Jon Beney
Designer: Ed Ullyart
Costume Designer: Tiffany Wilkinson-Morris
Lighting Designer: Simon Bedwell

Producer: Ellie Claughton
Technical Manager: Simon Bedwell
Stage Manager: Nathan Smith